1. Your trading partner is Proyecto Sotelo SL. Rascafria 67, Villaviciosa de Odón. 28670. Madrid SPAIN

• Personal information, including your name and address, is communicated only to partners directly involved in the processing and delivery of your order. This includes mds and our shipping partners (e.g. CORREOS).

• Outside the scope of your order as described above, your personal information, including your email address, will never be     shared with a third party without your permission.

• By ordering music products from Proyecto Sotelo, you agree to abide by the legal restrictions on the copying of sheet music. You may not photocopy or scan any copyright material without our prior permission.

• Internet: You may not upload to or share a copy of our sheet music on the internet (e.g. via file-sharing websites, P2P networks, “cloud” services such as Google Drive, iCloud, SkyDrive, DropBox etc.) or via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest or any other similar service.• If you have any questions about these terms, please contact

• Our customer service is available from 10am–5pm Monday to Friday.

• The place of fulfilment of all transactions is Madrid, Spain.

• Our transactions are offered in Spanish and English. In the case of discrepancy, the Spanish version is valid.
• Date of these Terms and Conditions: 02.10.2020